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Main Shop

Over 330 m2 of space, just a one-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple! The pure gold antique stained glass and first floor garden make for great photographs.

Kiyomizu-dera Shop

Along the promenade leading to Kiyomizu Temple! 1 min on foot from Kiyomizu Temple! Located on a busy street bustling with tourists and shops. Taking photos in the garden is popular!

Yasakano-to-mae Shop

A great location offering views of Yasaka Tower! Streetlamps lit at dusk let you enjoy the magical atmosphere of Kyoto. Right by Yasaka Koshin-Do Hall.

Gion Shop

1 minute on foot from Kodaiji Temple! 3 minutes on foot from Gion and Yasaka Shrine! This shop, which contains the venerable Basho Hall, is built in a Kyoto-style townhouse along cobblestone streets, making it the perfect place to experience Kyoto

Yasaka Jinja Shop

Right next to Yasaka Shrine! Carefully selected wallpaper and lighting decorate the spacious interior with modern Japanese taste.

Kiyomizu Higashiyama Shop

Right next to the Kiyomizu-dori bus stop, this shop is favorable located near Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Tower. The pop interior with its many patterns makes for a great photo-op!

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